Meals for Mutts Update: Dog Food Mould Contamination

At Petso Australia, your pet's well-being is our top priority. We have been informed by Meals for Mutts about a recent issue that requires our immediate attention. We take this matter seriously and are committed to addressing it in the best interest of our valued customers and their beloved pets.

Meals for Mutts has notified us that a sporadic and limited number of their products, with specific best-before dates, may not meet their usual high-quality standards and may exhibit signs of mould. 

To keep you informed and safe, below are the list of the affected Meals for Mutts products:

Affected Products List


 Product / Size Best Before
Grain Free Salmon & Sardine 2.5kg 3/09/2024, 5/09/2024, 7/09/2024
Grain Free Salmon & Sardine 20Kg 20/08/2024, 1/09/2024, 4/09/2024, 6/09/2024, 17/09/2024, 9/10/2024
Grain Free Salmon & Sardine 9kg 20/08/2024, 26/08/2024, 27/08/2024, 5/09/2024, 6/09/2024, 7/09/2024, 14/09/2024, 26/09/2024
Salmon & Sardine 20Kg 16/08/2024, 17/08/2024, 4/10/2024
Salmon & Sardine 9kg 5/09/2024
Salmon & Sardine Large Kibble 20Kg 18/07/2024, 19/07/2024, 12/10/2024
Salmon & Sardine Large Kibble 9Kg 12/08/2024, 13/08/2024
Grain Free Duck & Turkey 2.5Kg 1/09/2024, 3/09/2024, 4/09/2024
Grain Free Duck & Turkey 20Kg 4/09/2024, 7/09/2024, 20/09/2024
Grain Free Duck & Turkey 9Kg 3/09/2024, 4/09/2024, 5/09/2024
High Performance Turkey 20Kg 13/08/2024
High Performance Turkey 9Kg 13/08/2024


Please understand that this issue only affects a limited number of dog food products from the specified list. Orders for Meals for Mutts made after the 25th of September 2023, or products currently available for sale, are not affected by the above quality control concerns.

We strongly recommend that you inspect your current stock of Meals for Mutts products for any signs of mould.

What does mould in a dog food look like?

Mould in dog food can have various appearances, but it can be seen by our naked eye and generally appears as fuzzy, powdery, or discoloured patches on the surface of the food.

Is mould toxic to dogs?

Mould in dog food is toxic because it can make your dog sick. When dogs eat mouldy food, it can lead to stomach problems, allergies, and even more serious health issues. So, it's essential to keep their food mould-free to keep them healthy and happy.

If you discover any irregularities or have any concerns regarding Meals for Mutts dog food products listed above, we urge you to contact our dedicated customer service team. They are ready to assist you promptly and address any questions or concerns you may have.


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