Why Do Cats Drink Toilet Water? Understanding the Obsession and How to Correct the Behavior

Why Do Cats Drink Toilet Water? Understanding the Obsession and How to Correct the Behavior

Does your cat ever drink toilet water?

Many pet owners find themselves with cats displaying a habit of drinking from the toilet water. Guarding the bathroom door every day, and gazing at the toilet inside. While this behavior may seem odd to humans, it's not uncommon among cats. Therefore, the question arises: why are cats attracted to toilet water, and should we allow our pets to drink from it?

Why do cats drink toilet water?

It is well known that cats are not fond of water by nature. If a cat is not trained to consume water at a young age, it may not develop the habit later on. Cats exhibit a natural fussiness about drinking water, not only in terms of the quality of the water but also in terms of their drinking equipment and surroundings.

Cats are often drawn towards toilet water, driven by specific factors:

The water they have in their water tray may not be fresh, too hot, or a bit smelly. Cats prefer to drink live and fresh water. Although many households now have automatic water dispensers which are now integrated into litter boxes, such devices may not address the core issue for cats with a sensitive sense of taste and smell.

For instance, an unclean water tray or dispenser can easily accumulate limescale, bacteria, and other microbes, making the water unsuitable for cats. While we may not be able to detect this, cats can sense it and opt to seek alternatives. 

During the hot summer months, water deteriorates quickly, and prolonged exposure to sunlight raises water temperature. As a result, toilet water may seem cooler and more refreshing to a thirsty cat.

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Unfavorable Drinking Environments for Cats

Cats can easily get stressed while eating or drinking due to external threats and are often at the disadvantage of being easily attacked. Placing their drinking facilities in a noisy or frequently visited area may add to their stress levels. 

Over time, the cat will avoid such places. Choose a more secluded and safer environment, like a bathroom, where they are less likely to be disturbed. This could be an instinct for them to protect themselves.

Cat's curiosity

"Cats are curious creatures," as the saying goes, and their inquisitive nature often finds themselves exploring their environment. When living indoors, cats are limited to exploring corners of their home. 

The closed bathroom door tends to pique their interest, creating an added sense of intrigue. The sound of a flushing toilet can be especially alluring for cats, leading them to investigate and, on occasion, satisfy their thirst by drinking from the bowl.

Hazards of prolonged cat consumption of toilet water

While an occasional sip from the toilet may not pose an immediate threat to your cat, the quality of the water in the toilet bowl is not good for your cat's health in the long run. 

Various bacteria can easily grow from the toilet bowl and ingesting such water may lead to health problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, and in severe cases, serious illnesses like acute enteritis. Additionally, chemicals used in cleaning the toilet bowl can leave residues on the bowl's walls. Accidental ingestion may result in burns and poisoning.

Addressing your cat's undesirable toilet water-drinking behavior

Importance of choosing the right drinking equipment

There are many types of drinking equipment in different materials for cats on the market nowadays. However, it is not always necessary to go for high-tech or aesthetically pleasing options.

One contributing factor to a cat's preference for toilet water is the ceramic material, also known for keeping water cool. Materials such as metal, plastic, or wooden materials may be less proficient in this regard.

Therefore, when selecting drinking water equipment, focus on the safety of the materials and functional design becomes paramount.

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Regularly refresh the water and arrange drinking areas in quiet and secluded corners whenever possible

Automatic water dispensers may seem like a solution for providing drinking water but they do not address the root of the problem. Still, it requires a bit of hard work from the owner. Whether you use an automatic dispenser or a regular cat bowl, it's crucial to regularly change and clean the water. 

If you are using a non-automatic dispenser, consider changing the water bowl at each meal. If your cat doesn't finish the water, promptly clean and empty the bowl to prevent bacteria growth and contamination. 

It's also ideal to choose a private space for your cat to eat and drink. The fewer disturbances and external stimuli, the better. This kind of space ensures your cat feels secure while consuming food and water.


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Keep the bathroom door and toilet lid securely closed at all times

If your cat is seen drinking from the toilet, it's important to make sure the bathroom is well-closed in the future. Cats, being naturally curious, may become more interested in exploring the bathroom and toilet after a few successful attempts. At this point, it's up to the owner to change this behavior and prevent the cat from drinking from the toilet.

Finally, cat owners should provide their cats with cooled plain water and filtered drinking water as these are more suitable options. Pet owners who are unsure when their cat needs a drink may want to interact with their pet while they are drinking themselves and encourage them to drink some water at this time. 

Especially during hot summer months, indoor temperatures can be high, so adding plain water frozen into ice cubes to your cat's drinking water can help ensure it stays refreshingly cool.

As responsible pet owners, we must ensure that our pets have access to safe and healthy drinking water. By taking the necessary steps and precautions, we can help our cats live happy and healthy lives.