Pet Care Tips to Follow for Every Climate Season

Pet Care Tips to Follow for Every Climate Season

The season is constantly changing and the need of our pets also changes. To kick up and take on full responsibility as a pet owner, embrace the challenges and be in harmony with the season. Give the best pet care and follow these simple guides to make them happy, healthy, and comfortable all year long!

Risky Health Conditions your pets might get during Spring

Spring is a magical season, symbolizing the rejuvenation of life, with fresh new plants and flowers everywhere. For cats and dogs, it's freedom because they can run and be wild. After all, the sun is up and the gloomy winter is over. But as hoomans new to pet ownership, we must be cautious as pets are susceptible to various diseases in spring, especially respiratory diseases. They are also very prone to flea and tick invasions, as these pesky parasites are also in season. This is a great time for pet deworming and house disinfection!

Ensure a good spring health care program for your pet. Finding the right Pet Flea and Worming products with a Veterinarian's prescription is highly recommended to prevent infectious and transferable diseases from animals to humans such as ringworm, mange, or flea and tick.

“Your dogs and cats are very prone to inhaling pollens and certain pathogens can enter their body directly during contact with the outside world and cause infection or seasonal pet allergies that result in allergic symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and scratchy nose!”


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Pet owners should do timely disinfection of household items and dishes, and at the same time, feed some nutritional cream vitamins and VETS ALL NATURAL Cat & Dog Health Booster 500g to help strengthen the immune systems of your cats and dogs to fight against these dilemmas. 

Spring is cat shedding time! Cats have a natural habit of grooming and licking their hair, and swallowing too much hair can cause an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract and may pose a deadly threat resulting in surgery.



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ARISTOPET Cat Laxative Cream 100g & TROY Laxapet Gel 100g help expel the cat hairballs from the stomach by moistening the gastrointestinal tract and providing comfort from symptoms such as coughing, vomiting, gagging, and constipation.

VETRESKA Cat Grass Soilless Foxtail Seeds will also aid your indoor cat to get rid of any nasty hairball that cannot be digested in the stomach and expelled through vomiting to avoid causing intestinal bowel problems.



Grooming their fur is also a recommended pet care regime, we know that cats and even dog shed their coat giving pet owners a tedious job in cleaning. Remove those loose hair with soft and gentle Pet Hairbrushes.

Prevention tips for keeping your dog safe during hot Summer

The summer heat makes it essential to protect your dog from the heat. As the temperature rises, dogs will stick out their tongues, or worse, pant heavily. As dogs do not have sweat glands, they have to expel heat from their bodies in this way. If you are unable to expel heat from your dog's body in time due to external or internal factors in hot weather, the heat build-up can lead to heatstroke in dogs.

Normally, a dog's body temperature is 39 degrees. When the body temperature exceeds 41 degrees, the dog is at high risk of dying from heatstroke in just 20 minutes in a hot environment or in a hot, muggy climate. Dog heatstroke is, therefore, the biggest threat to your pet's health in summer or other hot and muggy weather conditions. Be a smart fur parent and a responsible pet owner and check the signs and know safety precautions in case it happens!


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Keep your pet well hydrated during the weekdays when the heat is unbearable and avoid sun exposure. Avoid midday and choose relatively cooler mornings or evenings to walk your dog! Bring a Pet Travel Water Bottle, whenever you are out as drinking and staying hydrated is very essential. Choose a hassle-free and light or dog travel water bottle!

For cat owners, DO NOT leave your precious cat at home without water! Have multiple Pet Drinking Fountain or have a large capacity water fountain. It is usually recommended that the number of water fountains is greater than or equal to the number of indoor cats (and dogs too!).

It is also important to pay attention to the storage of your pet food in the summer heat. Hunger is a very serious problem and may cause malnutrition in cats and dogs. Choosing the right Pet Food Storage to store your pet food to avoid spoilage is a must. 

Battling Pet Fatigue and Exhaustion during Autumn

After the hot summer into the fall of autumn, the dog's whole body experiences fatigue. Puppies especially senior dogs are the most affected by the sudden temperature changes. Discomfort during this season is unavoidable and dogs are most likely to catch a cold, so pet owners should do a good job and follow certain preventive measures: 

  • Properly increase pets’ weight with complete and balanced dog food. Pet owners need to give a complete and balanced diet of dog food full of nutrition. For a good recovery of physical health and wellbeing, ACANA Puppy & Junior Dry Dog Food 11.3kg for puppies and ACANA Meadowland Dry Dog Food is 2kg for adult dogs are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals to keep your dogs healthy and packed at the right places!






“During the change of season, cats are also prone to physical discomfort and may suffer from loss of appetite and runny nose. The drop in temperature makes your cat's resistance lower, so don't forget to vaccinate your cat to keep it safe from viruses.”


In addition to this, you can prepare some interactive Cat Teasers and Cat Scratchers to constantly keep their mind and body active. Autumn is the peak season for cats in heat and toys can be a certain distraction, but it is still recommended to de-sex your cat.


How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Warm During the Winter

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Cold is very risky and can lead to the death of your cats and dogs as it may cause hypothermia. Hypothermia is a potentially fatal condition in which the body loses heat faster than it can produce it.

Keeping your pet warm is a priority in the winter season when the temperature is very low. It is essential to ensure their health, comfort, overall well-being and survival. With cold winds and the difference in the temperature between day and night, pets are prone to illnesses such as fever and runny noses. It is a good idea to have cozy Pet Beds and comfortable Dog Clothes and Cat Clothes.


“After the cold weather, the amount of water your cat drinks starts to decrease, which can easily cause urinary tract problems.”


PETKIT Eversweet 2 Drinking Water Fountain Warmer is a drinking fountain heating accessory recommended for fussy cats. It keeps the water at a temperate level to suit your cat’s sensitive buds, allowing them to drink with pleasure while keeping their sensitive stomach warm!



Cat toilet habits are very important! The appearance of the poop and the number of times they urinate a day can indicate if they've been eating enough fibre or drinking enough water.

Monitor the times they urinate and poop with CATLINK Scooper Standard Pro Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. Designed for modern pet owners, its high-quality features provides real-time data of cats’ toilet habit visually via an app for easy tracking of their digestive health!



Embracing pet ownership is a happy journey and at every step of the way you learn the best pet care. Seasons may change but our pet companion will always be there for us through thick and thin. Always show them unconditional love and care and surely they’ll give it back to you. For new pet cat or dog owners, never lose hope to constantly find and seek the best pet care for your cats and dogs! Don’t be hiss-terical and enjoy the journey of being a new furmoms and furdads!