Meeting Your Puppy: A First-Time Paw Parent's Guide!

Meeting Your Puppy: A First-Time Paw Parent's Guide!

HaHa, dear pet enthusiasts! Thanks for joining us in the cosy corner of Petso Pet Care. I'm your adorable pet caretaker.

Today, I bring you a cool and thoughtful "Beginner's Guide to Raising Dogs"! This mysterious guide not only turns your first encounter with your puppy into a sweet adventure but also adds flavour to your days together. No beating around the bush; let's dive straight into today's topic!

Preparing for Your First Pet

Health Check

A dog should be brought home between the ages of two and six months. Verify the health of your puppy by screening for conditions such as parvovirus and canine distemper. It's important to ensure your puppy has received all three vaccinations and a rabies injection for peace of mind.

Living Environment

Set aside a space for your dog to play, then start cleaning your house from top to bottom. Maintain ideal ventilation to create a healthy atmosphere. Check out our carefully chosen selection of dog beds to make them more comfortable and relaxed. Steer clear of chlorine-containing disinfectants and carefully remove any possible risks to your pets' health and welfare, especially the younger ones.

Puppy Beds

Tips for First-Time Paw Parents 

Make sure your puppy gets enough rest and let them to settle into their new surroundings calmly. Puppies younger than three months should not be bathed; instead, give them a gentle wipe down using non-rinse cleaning gloves. Keep your existing pets separate from the new puppy's possessions if you have any, so that you can introduce them gradually.

Essential Items for Dog Care

  • Dog Crate
    It's best to crate train your puppy before allowing them to go free. It creates positive habits and aids in their adjustment to the smell of the new house. Select a crate that is roomy and has a removable top for effortless cleaning.

  • Water & Food Bowl
    Gently interacting with your dog while they eat will help you two grow closer. Introducing our high-quality line of food and water bowls will help you prolong your time spent together. Mealtimes should be enjoyable for you and your pet, so take your time shifting the bowl.

    Petso food and water bowls

  • Dog Toilet 
    Give your dog a dedicated area to relieve itself. A dog toilet with adaptable poop pads is a popular choice. You may breathe easily knowing this.

  • Pet Training Pad
    Choose specialised pet pads that are thick and have good absorbency to prevent messes.

  • Dog Food 
    For puppies under three months old, enhance their meals with lamb milk powder to ensure easy consumption. Choose from our collection of nutritious and easily digestible puppy food, promoting healthy growth and development.

    Puppy Dog Food

  • Leash
    The nylon Y-shaped chest-back harness has become a popular, affordable, and safe option. Accept our adaptable selection of leashes for the best comfort and control. Remind yourself not to constantly tighten the leash because this may make your puppy anxious.

    Leash for Pets

  • Non-rinse Cleaning Gloves
    For those times when your puppy's smell is a bit overwhelming, hold off on a bath and use non-rinse cleaning gloves for a quick wipe. This helps prevent your puppy from catching a cold.

  • Treats
    Introduce treats starting from three months old to exercise their chewing ability and prevent them from damaging your belongings.

  • Pet Carrier
    Ensuring your dog's safety is paramount, and our Outdoor Travel Cages provide a secure space for your furry friend. With ample room for them to stand and move around comfortably, our cages prioritize your pet's well-being during outdoor adventures or trips to the veterinarian. Make every journey stress-free and comfortable.

    Pet Carriers

Caring for Your Puppy After Bringing Them Home

First impressions count, so wait until your puppy arrives before picking them up. Take care not to tease the puppies, especially if you have kids. They require some time to warm up and are sensitive. Allow them some time to become used to their new surroundings.

Quick Q&A:

Can you bathe a puppy when they first come home? 

No, bathing a puppy right away might cause discomfort due to the change in environment. Instead, use damp cloths to wipe them gently. Consider bathing them only after completing vaccinations.

What to do if a puppy is messy with pee and poop? 

Train them to go to a designated toilet area, using pee pads or other tools. Reward them promptly for correct behaviour. Avoid scolding them; we want to be gentle with our puppies.

Pet Cleaning Prodcuts

How to handle a puppy's excessive barking? 

In a new environment, puppies may feel lonely and scared, resulting in night-time whining. Provide them with familiar items or toys, spend time playing with them, and speak gently to help them feel secure.

Foods Dogs Shouldn't Eat and Plants Not Suitable for Dog Owners!

Foods to avoid: Grapes, pomelos, passion fruits, chocolate, milk, mushrooms, cherries, nuts, alcohol, onions, and garlic.

Plants you shouldn't Keep: Daffodils, tulips, aloe vera, azaleas, snake plants, lilies, and ivy.

Pay close attention to your puppy's behavior and exercise patience. Recall that they are still infants and have recently parted from their mother! Play with them for a while, pick up new skills, and never forget that dog ownership is an ongoing learning experience. Above all, allocate some time, energy, and financial resources.