Cat Clean UP 101: Choosing the Best Litter Boxes and Trays

Cat Clean UP 101: Choosing the Best Litter Boxes and Trays

One of the essential cat furniture for your kittens and cats is a cat litter tray and box. According to studies, typical adult cats poop once or twice a day and pee between 2 to 4 times each day. To cater to your cat’s toilet habit, it is best to get the right litter trays and boxes that suit your kitties' daily needs.

“Cats are very fussy in choosing where they do their business, just like us hoomans, and getting the best cat litter to suit your cat's taste and needs without sacrificing comfort is a must, so our purrfect adorable kitties can do their business at ease with no stress.”

There are many things to ponder like how many litter boxes you should have, how big the litter box should be, the best place to put the cat litter tray, and how to choose between open and closed litter boxes so your cats can poop and urinate with no worries. 

Stress away and check out these cat litter litter tray and boxes tips in choosing the best that suit your cat's taste and needs. 

I. How Big the Litter Box Should Be

Cat litter size matters hoomans! Large cats in small spaces may feel claustrophobic and cramped while large spaces can make your small cat feel uncomfortable. 

The right litter box depends on your cat's purr-sonality, some small cats prefer large boxes, while some big cats may want a small box. Just make sure that the space in your cat litter box is enough for your cat to fit inside with rooms to spare to move comfortably.

“The size of the litter box should be at least as long as your cat, from its nose to the tip of its tail (when extended), and its width should be at least as wide as their body length when stretched out (excluding their tail).”

II. Where is the best place to put the cat litter box

1. Place the litter box in a well-ventilated place, protected from the light

Placing your litter tray and boxes in a well-ventilated area affects the room's smell. A space with air circulation can take away some of the nasty odour of your cat litter. It is also im-paw-tant to avoid direct sunlight, as the sunlight can cause a temperature rise - making the litter tray and boxes a hot place for your cat to do their business.

2. Do not put it together with the cat bowl and cat feeder

It is taboo to put the dining area and comfort room in one place. To protect your cat's health, the cat feeder and cat litter trays must be separated always! 

“Cat litter trays and boxes may inhibit bacteria, and placing it beside your cat bowls and feeder is a high risk for bacterial contamination, making your cat feel sick.”

3. A quiet place

Avoid areas where people walk around a lot so that your cat feels more secure and private. A corner is a good choice, where the people basically won't walk around.

III. Can two cats share a litter box?

Theoretically, if there are N cats, the litter tray is N+1. Why N+1?

If you have 2 cats add 1 spare litter tray for your cats to use in case of emergency. Having an extra cat litter tray will add ease for them to choose where they’ll poop and urinate when their litter box is dirty.

“Cats territorial, it is essential that they have their own private cat litter tray and box to avoid fights.”

It is fine for two cats who have grown up together to share a litter tray as they are very familiar with each other. However, if they have not grown up together, it is time to consider buying another litter tray. 

IV. Cat litter box classification

1. Open litter tray

Recommended for new cat owners, the open cat litter tray's biggest advantage is that it makes cleaning up after your cat's urine and faeces easier and more convenient. It is also kitten-friendly in terms of height and usage.

2. Closed litter tray 

Closed litter trays are divided into 2; semi-enclosed and fully enclosed litter trays. Semi-enclosed litter trays retain a sense of space while effectively keeping the litter inside the litter tray, while fully enclosed litter trays are most important for giving cats privacy and locking in the smell.

3. Automatic litter box

In the age of the Internet of Everything, the automatic cat litter box was conceived so that we can see our cat's toileting data on our mobile app, and the main thing is that the smart litter tray doesn't need to be shovelled!!! 

What's more, the automatic litter box can also store a week or so of cat excrement without emitting odours, which is much more convenient for those who have to travel and don't have to worry about sending their pets to foster care.

V. Cat litter box recommendation

1. PETKIT Pura Cat Litter Box

Many cats like to pee against the four walls of the litter tray and if the litter tray is too short they can pee outside, and some litter trays that are put together can leave pee in the joints. 

PETKIT Pura Cat Litter Box has a semi-enclosed design for a larger usable area that keeps pees and poo inside while keeping your cats clean. The low front and high back designs are friendly enough to accommodate cats of all sizes while guiding them in and out of the litter tray via a hollowed-out pedal at the inlet to prevent litter from being carried out. An intelligent cat litter odour purifier is embedded in the top, automatically deodorising the cat litter odour after toileting.



2. PAKEWAY Tomcat Free Cabin Cat Litter Box

Design for convenience, the PAKEWAY Tomcat Free Cabin Cat Litter Boxes are enclosed cat litter trays with a one-way traffic design. The bottom entry gives easy access for entry and the top exit help prevent litter escape, so no more cat litter stains on your floor or carpet.

The extra large interior is large enough to accommodate large long-haired cats such as Ragdolls/Maine. As well as being cat friendly, scooping is also easy with the door being folded so that it can easily be left open when scooping without the need to take off the whole top. There are three colours to choose from for your cat's purr-sonality : blue, pink, and grey


3. CATIO Lemon Cat Litter Tray

For newborn kitties and kittens, the height of the litter tray is important. CATIO Lemon Cat Litter Tray is recommended cat litter tray for your kittens and even for the toilet training of your small cats. It is an open litter tray with a kitten-friendly height for easy entry. The open space helps cat owners and breeders to observe their cat’s toilet habits, including their poo and pees (whether their poo is soft or if something wrong is going on in their poos and pees).


4.PIDAN White Igloo Cat Litter Box

Award winning cat litter box recommended for new cat owners! The spherical design of the PIDAN White Igloo Cat Litter Box gives your cat plenty of space to go to the toilet, with an open entrance for hassle-free access.

There is also a long litter corridor to reduce the possibility of litter being carried out, keeping the home tidy while helping trap cat litter odour. In addition, the smooth and elegant shape provides a simple and comfortable feel that can be integrated into different styles of home environments.


5. CATLINK Scooper Standard Pro Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

For modern cat owners with a busy life, CATLINK Scooper Standard Pro Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is recommended. It is an automatic cat litter box designed for convenience. The high-quality features provide real-time data of cats’ toilet habits visually via an app for easy tracking, plus, the automatic cleaning function keeps the box clean and bacteria-free at all times. 


VI. Summary

Overall, the choice of cat litter trays and boxes cannot be separated from your cat's daily habits. The decision as a cat owner must be based on your cat’s personal preference. Comfort and convenience to suit your cat's size and needs, plus your budget.

“There is no best cat litter tray or box, only what suits your cat the best.”