A delicious mint flavour nugget food is sure to please your bunny! BURGESS Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbits Nuggets Mint are a high-quality food that is perfect for your little...



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A delicious mint flavour nugget food is sure to please your bunny!

BURGESS Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbits Nuggets Mint are a high-quality food that is perfect for your little bunny. The nuggets are specially formulated with a high fibre content (36%), which helps to prevent selective feeding, and prebiotics help develop young digestive systems. They also contain essential amino acids for growing rabbits, as well as vitamins and minerals to support healthy eyes, skin and coat. The nuggets have a higher protein level to aid muscle development, as well as antioxidants to support the immune system.

Benefits and Features:

  • These extremely delicious nuggets are bound to be a major hit with your little furry friend!
  • A fantastic foraging option for dwarf and junior rabbits for optimal health and happiness  
  • Specially formulated for dwarf rabbits (1 week+), and young rabbits (1-16 weeks) because of the high nutrient levels to match the high metabolism of these particular rabbits
  • Mimics the diet of small animals in the wild, enriched with grass and fibre
  • Highly palatable and fantastic for chewing
  • The nuggets are made with a unique blend of grass, wheat, oats and other forage ingredients developed to replicate your rabbits’ ancestral diet
  • The special blend contains high levels of beneficial fibre (36%) and crude fibre (17%) promoting healthy digestion and decreasing the chance of weight gain
  • Beneficial fibre contains both digestible fibres (for the absorption of essential nutrients), and indigestible fibres (to keep the digestive system running smoothly) 
  • Mint is cleverly added to the nuggets for extra tasty goodness
  • Valuable prebiotics are added to assist in the development of young digestive systems
  • Higher levels of protein for muscle growth and development
  • Essential amino acids for growing rabbits
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat
  • Higher nutrient levels tailored to faster metabolisms
  • Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Rich in nutrients for general wellbeing
  • No added sugar
  • Prevents selective feeding where rabbits pick out the sweet, sugary bits of food and leave the nutritious and fibre-rich elements
  • Tackles boredom by allowing your pet to forage for their food and experience positive environmental enrichment
  • Chewing of the pellets aids in the maintenance of healthy teeth and overall dental health 


Grass Meal, Wheat,, Soya Bean Hulls*, Wheat Feed, Oatfeed, Soya Bean Meal Feed, Dehulled**, Yeast (Brewer’s Yeast And Grains), Dried Lucerne, Dried Mint (1.2%), Soya Oil*,  Calcium Carbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Salt,  Dicalcium Phosphate, Short Chain Fructo-Oligosaccharides ( Prebiotic FOS 0.3%), Ligno-Cellulose. *Produced From Genetically Modified Soya.

Direction for Use:

Important! Keep them hydrated with fresh water always available through drinking dishes as well as this special food.

  • Good quality hay and/or grass should make up most of your rabbit’s diet and should always be available
  • Rabbits should also be fed a small number of leafy greens each day
  • Please talk to your veterinarian for further information
  • If you are currently feeding a muesli style food, you should gradually transfer them onto a hay and nugget based feeding plan over a period of between 14 - 28 days, by gradually reducing the amount of muesli and increasing the proportion of nuggets until they have completely replaced the mix
  • Monitor your rabbit’s weight to ensure a healthy weight
  • Always provide fresh clean water  
  • Feed the pellets alongside fresh green vegetables to provide additional nutrients and variety to your pet’s diet
  • Must NOT be fed to cats

Daily Feeding Guide

Rabbit Specie (Size): Dwarf (0.9 – 1.1kg)

   Daily Amount: 25 – 30g

Rabbit Specie (Size): Dwarf (1.2 – 2.4kg)

   Daily Amount: 40 – 60g

Rabbit Specie (Size): Young Rabbits

   Daily Amount: Feed Freely or 60 – 80g

Rabbit Specie (Size): Lactating Does

   Daily Amount: 240 – 280g

Product Weight: 4kg

Brand: BURGESS (Rabbit)

Nutritional Content:

  • Beneficial Fibre: 36%
  • Crude Protein: 16%
  • Crude Fat: 4%
  • Crude Fibre: 17%
  • Crude Ash: 7.5%
  • Sodium: 0.2%
  • Calcium: 0.8%
  • Phosphorous: 0.5%.

Nutritional Additives:

  • Vitamin A (3a672a): 25,000 Iu
  • Vitamin D3 (3a671): 2,000 Iu
  • Vitamin E (3a700): 155mg
  • Vitamin C (3a312): 70mg 
  • Beta-Carotene (3a160a): 5mg

Trace Elements:

  • Zinc (As Zinc Oxide, 3b603) 100mg
  • Iron (As Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate, 3b103): 39mg
  • Manganese (As Manganese (II) Oxide, 3b502):  10mg
  • Copper (As Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate, 3b405): 7mg
  • Iodine (As Calcium Iodate Anhydrous, 3b202): 1.3mg
  • Selenium (9as Sodium Selenite 3b801): 0.25mg.

BURGESS Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbits Nuggets 4kg is a food that will help your junior rabbit grow and develop healthily? It contains extra protein to help support their best growth, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Feed it freely to your furry friend and you can be sure they'll love it!


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